Graham County Arizona Gold

Graham County is mostly composed of high desert plains.  The last refuge for Geronimo, the county is now mostly known for agriculture.

Clark District

The Clark district can be found near the town of Ashurst. Drive southwest on Klondyke road. Drive until you reach the railroad. 19 miles onward from the tracks is the gold location. Here you will find quartz outcroppings and many placer workings from the present and past.

Gila River

There are many rich placer deposits along the Gila River, near the town of Safford along Highway 70. In the gravels and benches and on the inside bends of the river flakes and wire gold are not uncommon. Between Bonita Creek and Spring Creek more placer gold locations can be found. There are also many lode gold mines in the Gila Mountains in the Lone Star District and surrounding area.

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