Santa Cruz County Arizona Gold

In Santa Cruz County Arizona gold is there waiting to be found, and the county has historically been one of the smaller producing counties in Arizona. Both lode gold mines and placer gold workings can be found in Santa Cruz County. Records show that the county produced roughly 180,200 ounces of gold between the period of 1900 to 1959.

Oro Blanco District

Gold was first discovered in the Oro Blanco district in 1873, although Indians most likely new about and mined some of the area. The Oro Blanco District is located near Ruby. Lode gold deposits were heavily worked during the 1880′s and production, although slowed, kept on for many years.

Rich placer deposits are also throughout the district especially inĀ  Oro Blanco Gulch and in Viejo Gulch. Alamo Gulch, near the border is also to been reported to be rich in placer gold. Placer deposits can be found on the hillsides as well as the gravels throughout the area. With gold, silver can also be found here. Check Warsaw creek for some very rich placer gold deposits.

Two miles west of Ruby is the Old Glory Mine, which one of the biggest producers in the district. The Margarita Mine just north was a minor producer. Another major producer was the Austerlitz Mine; located just under three miles to the northwest. All mines in the district produced gold in the medium fine to coarse sizes.

Old Glory Mine

Old Glory Mine

Other Locations:

Ten miles south of Patagonia is Harshaw, in the Sonoita creek area are placer deposits.

South of Patagonia by nine miles are placer deposits that were fairly rich deposits. Mowry Wash and tributaries should also be inspected for placer deposits.

Southwest of Salero by 2.25 miles you will find the Tyndall placers.


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